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anhydrite flowing screed installation

New homes installed with Gypsol Classic

24 september 2020
Today, work began on the first installation of seventy two apartments with Gypsol Classic screed.
Magnetite applications

Essentieel mineraal: magnetiet

15 september 2020
Bij LKAB Minerals verwerken en verhandelen we meer dan dertig verschillende mineralen voor een breed scala aan toepassingen.
Counterweights for heavy machinery

Contragewichten met MagnaDense

11 september 2020
“Meer gewicht, minder volume” is zeer essentieel voor alle contragewichtproducenten die we leveren.

Bentonite; a key mineral for a variety of applications

4 augustus 2020
Here at LKAB Minerals, we process and trade a multitude of different minerals for a wide range of applications. The role of industrial minerals in day-to-day life is not common knowledge, so through a series of articles, we will highlight the key minerals utilised in essential applications.
LKAB Minerals Webinar Image

Learning in lockdown

7 juli 2020
“When all events and customer meetings were cancelled, digital events helped LKAB Minerals to continue to educate and update the industry”, explains Adele Redhead, Marketing & Communications Manager.
Aerial view of Kiruna

Production ramp-up in the Kiruna mine

30 juni 2020
"Although we are mining less ore in total, for the time being, we have no restrictions to deliver contracted MagnaDense volumes," says Roger Johansson, Vice President Magnetite.
Old Elbe Tunnel - St.Pauli Elbe Tunnel

Managing hydrostatic pressure with heavy ballast

25 juni 2020
You can solve the need to deal with pressure caused by hydrostatic uplift using heavy ballast. This is a proven concept for tunnels, underground railways and train stations, as well as underwater ramps and other constructions below groundwater level.
MagnaDense high density magnetite product

Myths about heavy ballast

24 juni 2020
As high density ballast is not a commonly used solution, not everyone is experienced with this way of working. And we all know that the unknown might seem intimidating. However, we believe that with the right support, you will embrace this solution. In this article, we discuss the myths or challenges that surround dense ballast.

From below ground to below water

23 juni 2020
MagnaDense is the most used high density aggregate in the world for Concrete Weight Coating applied to offshore pipelines.