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Becoming LKAB Minerals

2 april 2013
July 1st 2013 Minelco will become LKAB Minerals.
Fire exit sign with firecarb expandable graphite

Investment in product development

28 maart 2013
Supporting customers with product development using our mineral solutions is a priorty for Minelco.
Wave power ballast

Dense ballast reduces wave & tidal costs

8 maart 2013
At RenewableUK’s conference, the industry showcased innovative designs for offshore energy devices.
Offshore wind farm in sunset

MagnaDense for Kårehamn Offshore Windfarm foundation

19 november 2012
Wind farm foundation needs ~23,000mt of MagnaDense, our high density, ballasting material for application at a large scale wind farm project in Sweden.
Pipe coating: concrete weight coated underwater pipes

Dense aggregate for Nord Stream

17 oktober 2012
The results of the extensive environmental and socio-economic monitoring programme have confirmed that the Nord Stream gas pipe construction has had a low environmental impact.
Illustration new Lund Hospital

Thinner hospital radiation shielding walls achievable

28 mei 2012
In a recent building publication, the use of MagnaDense as an aggregate in concrete mixes for radiation shielding was featured.
UltraCarb rock and powder

A comprehensive understanding of UltraCarb

21 mei 2012
On our quest to have a complete understanding of the unique minerals huntite and hydromagnesite Minelco’s polymer technologist was sponsored to complete a PhD.
Decorative flooring with DekorFlake

Achieving 100% recyclability

2 maart 2012
In the quest for sustainable products, LKAB Minerals are pleased to see the resurgence of a material containing our minerals which can be reused.
Radiation shielding hospital comparison

50 years of radiation shielding

6 september 2011
Some 50 years ago Sweden’s first oncological clinic was built using magnetite in the concrete for walls with radiation shielding properties.