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Casting MagnaDense Heavy Concrete by pumping method

Our Chinese colleagues are very proud to announce the first Chinese radiation shielding project at the Proton Therapy Center of the Shandong Cancer Hospital.

Because, although many customers use our natural mineral for over 50 years in Radiation Shielding projects, MagnaDense is still perceived by many project-owners worldwide as a new construction material.

First time for everything

For a few years now, our Sales colleagues in China have kept in contact with Varian, one of the leading manufacturers for radiation therapy equipment in the world. We have provided MagnaDense for radiation shielding in many hospitals around the world, that use their equipment. Hence, we have proven results for the use of high density concrete in combination with high-end equipment. This makes it easier for the construction company to take this solution into account in their decision-making journey when the Varian equipment is used in the cancer treatment room.

Overcoming knowledge challenges

Our colleague, James Qi, Managing Director and Magnetite Sales Manager in Tianjin, China, tells us, “Our biggest challenge was to convince the customer not only to accept but also to use the MagnaDense concrete. Fortunately, because of our broad experience and references, we could refute the safety and performance concern. Although dense concrete is more expensive than standard concrete, it offers many advantages which influenced the total project positively.

Also, for Shandong Luguan Concrete Co it was the first time they had to work with heavyweight concrete. They premixed the dense concrete at a mixing station first, then pumped the concrete on-site for construction—the concrete mixing company confirmed that it was as easy to pump as standard concrete.

MagnaDense USPs for the Shandong Hospital

As indicated, there were some hurdles to take before they finally decided to use MagnaDense high-density concrete for the cancer treatment room construction. Besides, costs other factors that influenced the decision were the facts that MagnaDense:

  • Is an inert natural material
  • Is friendly to the environment
  • Has a high and consistent density which results in space savings
  • Remains easy to pump when corporated into heavy concrete                                                                                                                          

Shandong Cancer Hospital Proton Therapy Center

After many years of preparation, the construction of the Proton Therapy Center started in October 2019. Using a concrete density of 3.5 t/m3 the radiation shielding walls could be smaller in dimension as they would have been with regular concrete. This allows for a larger treatment room inside the hospital, which was designed by the ARCPLUS Shanghai architects.

For the first part, we shipped 2,300mt MagnaDense. Additionally, another 1,200mt will be used in May and June of this year to complete the radiation shielding part of the construction.

This hospital in Jinan city, which is under construction by CSCEC First Building Group, is an essential asset for the Shandong province. When completed, the centre will feature three proton therapy treatment rooms with full 360-degree rotational gantries. It will also have a fixed-beam research room. The original aim is to start treatment of patients in 2021. However, due to the apparent influences of the COVID-19 virus, a delay is expected.

Project facts Shandong Cancer Hospital:

Location: Jinan city, Shandong province, China
Architect: ARCPLUS Shanghai         
Construction: CSCEC, 1st Building Group
Concrete producer: Shandong Luguan Concrete Co.
Construction start: October 2019
Expected opening: 2021
Total volume MagnaDense: 3,500 mts
Concrete density: 3,500 kg/m3

Facts about MagnaDense:

Compliance with standards: EN 12620 and DIN 6847-2
Particle Density (dry): 4.8 – 5.1 t/m³
H2O Absorption: <0.3%
Particle Shape: Angular
Surface Texture: Rough

We have this Chinese radiation shielding project available as a Case Study in PDF. You can ask for it with your local Sales Manager.