Energy storage opportunities with magnetite lie ahead | LKAB Minerals

LKAB Minerals BV disclosed the opportunities of heat storage in magnetite at the ESNL Pavilion during the recently held Vakbeurs Energie.

“It has been a fruitful three days for us,” says Leon Hendriks, Business Development Manager at LKAB Minerals BV. “Although this is a new market we have seen many projects where our Magnetite could work as the possible thermal energy storage solution.”

During the exhibition, which is the yearly platform for the Dutch professionals for heat, electricity and energy saving, LKAB Minerals had interesting discussions with visitors. We talked about how our natural Magnetite could benefit their respective projects with regards to storing heat.

“We are supplying Magnetite for heat storage in night storage heaters for over 30 years already. Therefore we know how well Magnetite can retain heat. Moreover, we currently are involved in a large concentrated solar plant project where they use our Magnetite for renewable energy storage”, comments Leon.

Dutch companies generate more and more sustainable energy. The next challenge to further optimise this is to find efficient ways for energy storage. A growing and therefore, interesting market to create opportunities using Magnetite in energy storage solutions.

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