MagnaDense for Kårehamn Offshore Windfarm foundation - LKAB Minerals
Offshore wind farm in sunset

Wind farm foundation needs ~23,000mt of MagnaDense, our high density, ballasting material for application at a large scale wind farm project in Sweden.

The E-On Vind AB owned project, named ’Kårehamn Windfarm’  is being built in the Baltic Sea. It got its name because it is built just outside of Kårehamn South East Coast of Sweden. The wind farm is due to become operational in 2013.

Largest wind farm project in Sweden

At a cost of around €120 million, it is the largest project of its kind in Sweden. It will make use of 16 (3MW V112) turbines and have a capacity of 48 megawatts (MW). This allows for a generation of 180GWh of renewable electricity per year.

The contractor chooses concrete gravity base foundations to anchor the turbines to the seabed. This was due to the soil conditions impeding the use of piles. As a result, these foundations will range from 15-25 m wide and weighing up to 1,950 tonnes each.

International offshore businesses

Design, construction and installation have been awarded to Belgium contractor Jan De Nul who are working with Minelco to ensure the foundation’s requirements are met through their design and our heavy weight and reliable product MagnaDenseTM.  

We manufacture our high-grade aggregate from the natural iron oxide mineral Magnetite. The customer will use this as ballast material to weigh down the concrete gravity bases. Ensuring that the offshore wind turbines are securely fixed to the seabed. And on top of that can withstand decades of ocean currents and erosion.

MagnaDense in wind farms

Our industrial mineral MagnaDenseTM has a specific density of 4.8 – 5.1 t/m3. Making it the perfect material to use for ballasting in offshore applications. Therefore our customers apply this either as loose ballast or for heavy concrete. The Kårehamn project used it as loose bulk because a density of 3.0 t/m3 was stipulated. MagnaDenseTM is sustainable in offshore projects as it is totally inert offering stability and a long underwater lifetime due to lack of reactivity to seawater.

Sustainability effect using MagnaDense

MagnaDenseTM has a CE certification and approval according to EN12620. You require less cement in concrete to achieve a density up to 4.0t/m3. In addition, it has less volume when you use it as loose ballast for a given weight. These are all benefits to the environment and enforcing the sustainability MagnaDenseTM.

These foundations need to have a considerable weight in order to withstand the freezing conditions, motions of the sea and the stresses imposed by the rotating blades. We are proud to be producing and supplying this project with a material that retains an increased weight for ballasting for such large scale and technical machinery.