‘MagnaDense’ acknowledged as a solution provider | LKAB Minerals
LKAB Minerals MagnaDense - iron ore aggregate

As a member of 'The Concrete Centre' focus group, LKAB Minerals attended the annual gravity bases in offshore wind conference.

LKAB Minerals proudly promoted itself as a knowledgeable materials supplier exhibiting our heavyweight aggregate MagnaDense. Solution providers plus ports and infrastructure specialists joined us in this event. The attendance exceeded expectation! Our technical representatives provided details on the diverse usage of MagnaDense in offshore applications to the public. Explaining the use of our minerals as either a concrete aggregate or as loose ballast.

Promoting high density ballast

Similar to previous years, LKAB Minerals’ promoted the potential of gravity bases. This proved beneficial to those looking for a high density ballast for offshore wind turbines. We were all the more positive when Jan de Nul gave a presentation on the Karehamn project. In this project, LKAB Minerals supplied Jan de Nul with loose ballast for a large-scale wind farm in Sweden.

Offshore industry important to LKAB Minerals

The event and focus group is an integral part of LKAB Mineral’s commitment to offering MagnaDense for Offshore Wind. Having diverse discussions and networking with industry professionals create solutions. And we are sure that MagnaDense concrete gravity bases are at the frontier of that solution.

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