MagnaDense; New radiation shielding material for Turkey | LKAB Minerals
Radiation shielding in hospitals with MagnaDense - comparison

MagnaDense, a natural iron oxide, is widely used as an aggregate in dense concrete for radiation shielding. Until recently it was little known in Turkey. The 140 delegates of the Turkey Hospital Expansion Summit were very interested when the benefits of MagnaDense were presented.

LKAB Minerals sets priorities on attending specialised industry events globally. We therefore chose to participate in the Turkey Hospital Expansion Summit in Ankara. Especially to promote the mineral solutions we offer to the construction industry. The Turkish government is currently increasing expenditure on healthcare. This leads to an increasing number of state-run and private hospitals as well as the expansion of existing clinics.

The presentation given by Thomas Tepper (Dipl. –Ing and Managing Director of LKAB Minerals GmbH) to the industry professionals explained the properties and benefits of LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense for construction purposes.

MagnaDense for Radiation Shielding projects

We make MagnaDense the natural mineral magnetite. The industry uses it as an aggregate material to produce heavy dense concrete, with densities up to 4.0 t/m3. Our customers pump and place MagnaDense concrete using standard equipment. On top of that the aggregate complies to the requirements of EN 12620. Because of the increased density our customers make walls up to 40 percent thinner. Meanwhile maintaining the same radiation shielding properties. This in turn saves build space. Therefore MagnaDense can be a cost effective solution that offers more flexibility for designers and constructors.

“It was a very good opportunity to promote our material to a growing market. This region is not yet well known with our product until now,” Thomas Tepper summarised the participation. The Chairman, Dr. Hasan Kus agreed. In his closing speech he said “We have learned about a new technology for radiation shielding which was very interesting. This is something very important of course as we only know and use the traditional shielding by lead so far”.

For more information about MagnaDense used for radiation shielding do not hesitate to contact us. You can also read more on the MagnaDense product page.