Saying yes to Nord Stream supplying MagnaDense - LKAB Minerals
MagnaDense in different grades in a row

Today, the governments of Sweden and Finland approved that Nord Stream can lay down pipelines for transporting natural gas through their economical zones of the Baltic Sea. This means that Minelco's deliveries of Magnetite products will speed up

The two pipelines will be a direct Russian supply link to European customers via the Baltic Sea. Each line is approximately 1,220 kilometres long. 

Largest pipe coating contract ever

In August, 2008, Minelco signed the largest contract ever for supply of the heavy aggregate MagnaDense. Our customer will us this for pipeline coating with high density concrete of the Nord Stream pipeline project. So the company EUPEC France bought about 1.5 million tonnes of high density MagnaDense.

The deliveries that started already in the autumn of 2008 will now speed up. “We will from now on deliver about 50 thousand tonnes per month until the autumn of 2011,” says Lars Vikström, Sales Manager of Minelco AB.

– In 2017 LKAB Minerals won the contract for the Nord Stream 2 project as well. –