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Coastal and erosion protection

LKAB Minerals attended ICE 2013 to highlight solutions for the challenges created from sea to shore focussing on coastal protection.

Over 40 civil engineering and manufacturing companies congregated in Edinburgh during the 18thto the 20th September. They did so to exhibit to 400 attendees, making it the biggest conference to date at the EICC venue. As demonstrated during the event, contractors and designers within the coastal protection area meet many challenging situations. Objectives are often to achieve sustainable constructions with high aesthetic values. Using materials that withstand long-term exposure to impact from environment and users.

Benefits of designing coastal protection using MagnaDense

LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense is a high-grade aggregate which we manufacture from the natural iron oxide Magnetite. We mined and process this at our own group resources in the North of Sweden. Its high density and inert properties provides an effective solution in case of stability and corrosion prevention requirements in coastal defences.

For instance, in the design of rubble mound breakwaters used for coastal protection, the stability of armour layers is one of the most important aspects. Using high density concrete such as MagnaDense in the layers, can reduce the required edge length of cubes. Meaning that the volume of the cube can be significantly reduced. This can lead to a reduction in cost when transporting the breakwaters from the manufacturing facility to the project site. With MagnaDense it is possible to make high density concrete with densities up to 3.9 t/m3. Therefore the industry also uses this mineral in (smaller) elements to cover and protect riverbanks. The use of MagnaDense increases stability without changing the shape and the size of the element.

Coastal and erosion protection

Representatives from our technical and sales team were on hand to illustrate the use of MagnaDense. Meanwhile they networked with the international community. As a company that prides itself in producing innovative solutions, events such as this provide a fundamental opportunity to increase our knowledge and promote our products which offer value and relevance. Participants admitted over 200 abstracts in addition to the busy technical exhibition. The abstracts included 130 peer-reviewed international paper presentations, covering the latest developments in coastal and marine engineering.

Conclusion coastal protection event

LKAB Minerals’ Denise Roberts, Business Development Manager for Offshore, attended the conference and commented, “Coastal protection is a very interesting area for our company and this event was particularly worthwhile for us. Many good contacts were made and we are looking forward to following them up and building partnerships.”

LKAB Minerals attends relevant industry events such as this throughout next year. Our aim is to promote MagnaDense key qualities which makes it an ideal heavyweight aggregate to use in the Civil Engineering and Offshore industry.