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KAB tailings pond apatite

ReeMAP pilot plant delivery expected

24 februari 2020
All parts for the apatite flotation process pilot plant will be delivered to our R&D-station during March 2020.
High density concrete pour to overcome hydrostatic pressure, london

Overcoming hydrostatic pressure in Central London

17 februari 2020
During 2017, LKAB Minerals supplied 400 tonnes of MagnaDense to the Kilburn project in North West London for a residential and commercial construction project, replacing five old buildings with new.
Construction Samuel Beckett Bridge

Samuel Beckett bridge swivels due to MagnaDense

13 februari 2020
The cable-stayed Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin has a unique design with heavy concrete in both pivot and bridge deck to maintain the right balance. For boats to pass, the bridge swivels open balancing on a pivot placed out of the centre.
Bridges - Öresunds bridge - MagnaDense

Natural mineral unites countries via longest European bridge

13 februari 2020
LKAB Minerals supplied the two most significant Danish bridge projects with their heavy loose ballast material to support the bridge's stability. However, the use of the dense aggregate for these two projects was different for each bridge
Anhydrite floor screed polished floor solution

Gypsol liquid screed of choice in Hackney

31 januari 2020
This January, Gypsol Diamond was the screed of choice for a new build project, located in the Hackney region of London.
Bentonite protects water pipes

Bentonite protects water pipes

29 januari 2020
When the contamination of the ground and groundwater with petroleum was discovered, the ground engineering contractor NEKAB decided to use bentonite as a protective membrane.
Boston barrier construction

Stabilising Riverbeds with High Density Concrete

28 januari 2020
The riverbed of the River Witham requires stabilisation to reduce the amount of silt movement and other residues which settle, causing verges and holes. The answer is to construct the scour protection mattresses with MagnaDense High Density Concrete.
CSP at Ben Guerir - incl TES

Sun energy takes Magnetite bath

14 januari 2020
Magnetite coming from cold northern Sweden will be used in sunny warm Morocco to store heat from a concentrated solar plant.
KAB tailings pond apatite

New methods for recovering critical raw materials

13 januari 2020
The prestudy for LKAB's project, of which the aim is to industrialize a process whereby critical raw materials such as phosphorus and rare earth metals are recovered from mine waste, will now continue with an assessment and comparison of several possible production technologies and partners.