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concrete pouring

The compressor in a large factory near Zuidbroek, The Netherlands, is installed on a foundation of heavy concrete. A high density has been chosen to reduce the risk of vibrations and, to prevent internal cracks.

In this specific case, the customer used concrete with a density of 3600 kg/m3.

Unique application of heavy concrete

The application of MagnaDense concrete in a compressor building can certainly be called unique. However, it is something that you can definitively apply at other heavy industrial vibrating machines.

For most parties in this project, it was the first time that they used high density concrete. At first there was some uncertainty about the processing of the concrete. But both pumping and compaction of the mixture went to full satisfaction. Everyone directly involved in this project is very satisfied.

Less vibrations with MagnaDense concrete

A completely different application, but also with the idea of ​​reducing vibrations, has been carried out in the Crossrail project built in the heart of London. There, a train route was expanded and construction had to be done between all existing underground infrastructure. This track ran underneath a concert hall. Vibrations that might influence the concerts are of course out of the question. That is why in this situation a “floating track slab” – a kind of floating train track – was chosen that ran underneath the building. Heavy MagnaDense concrete was also used for this project.

When do you use heavy concrete?

Of course, heavy concrete is not only for projects where fewer vibrations are desired, we see most projects with MagnaDense concrete where more weight in less volume is required. Consider, for example, counterweights for heavy excavators, but also for bridges, tunnels and sluices. Especially when the heavy concrete is used as underwater concrete, this saves a lot of time and costs.

Be sure to check out our [recorded] webinar on heavy concrete to get an even better idea. If you would like more information for a specific project, please contact one of our specialists.

Project information compressor foundation

For the project in Zuidbroek where MagnaDense concrete was used in the foundation to prevent vibrations we can share the following data:

Heavy concrete produced: 270 cubic meters
Density of concrete:             3600 kg / m3
MagnaDense volume:          800 tons