Learn about high density concrete applications at the Betondag 2019
MagnaDense for offshore applications

Join us at the most significant event for the Dutch concrete industry, which is about acquiring knowledge, sharing knowledge and meeting people and products.

The Betondag 2019 (Concrete Day) will for the first time take place in the architectural well-known former factory “Van Nelle Fabriek” in Rotterdam.

‘Betondag’ 2019 theme

This year the theme for the Dutch concrete day is ‘Panorama Beton, een kennismaking’ or panoramic concrete, an introduction. This is a theme that fits the future. It relates to a document named ‘Panoramic Netherlands’ which a Dutch governmental advisory body published in December 2018 and is dedicated to the four most critical future topics:

  • climate adaptation
  • restructuring agriculture
  • energy transition
  • urbanisation

The future of MagnaDense

Looking at the future of MagnaDense as an aggregate for concrete, we need to start in the past. For over 50 years, our natural iron oxide is used to make high density concrete. One of the first applications we sold to was radiation shielding in a hospital. And over the last five decades, we have seen that the applications have only become more diverse. We supply MagnaDense for high density concrete to a large variety of projects. However, the most common use is still as a concrete aggregate.

We do see a shift towards renewable energy opportunities such as offshore wind turbines and geothermal heating where MagnaDense fulfils the need for weight but also offers benefits because of its ferri-magnetic characteristic.

MagnaDense benefits for concrete

Using our natural mineral as an aggregate in high density concrete will benefit your project when you require;

Betondag Rotterdam essential information

We look forward to meeting you in the Van Nelle Fabriek at the Betondag.

In case you cannot make it to the event but are still interested to learn how your project can benefit from MagnaDense, please contact your local sales manager.