Developing Chinese partnerships & Supplier Award 2019 | LKAB Minerals
Jackie Huang: Managing Director, Trelleborg - James Wu, Managing Director LKAB Trading - Crystal Li, Purchaser, LKAB

We recently held the sixth LKAB supplier day in China with more than 30 partners in attendance.

LKAB’s suppliers are part of our value chain. Therefore, they are an integral part in enabling us to live up to our sustainability ambitions. “Shared visions and agreed processes are key to our joint development journey’ said James Wu, Managing Director for LKAB Trading in Shanghai.  “Most importantly, this supplier day is about developing mutually beneficial relationships that develop both of our businesses.”

Adopting new Chinese policies

We had a guest speaker from a consulting firm specialising in China environment issues and policies. He presented the significant governmental changes taking place in environmental management. The audience appreciated this session because it provided excellent guidance on how to adopt these coming changes.

Training on Modern slavery act

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into force in the United Kingdom in 2015. In accordance, LKAB has published a statement on this topic. Furthermore, we work to counter all kinds of human trafficking, forced labour or slavery in our own business and supply chain.

“The law requires us to inform and train high-risk suppliers in Modern Slavery. Consequently, training is something LKAB needs to report on. Therefore, our Chinese suppliers are the first to receive this training. It is good to see that the role-playing led to good discussions, and above all, great commitment to the topic”, James Wu commented.

Supplier Award 2019 for Trelleborg

The LKAB Supplier award 2019 goes to Trelleborg China, a Swedish-owned mill lining supplier operating in Qingdao. LKAB awarded them for their encouraging and good performance examples in lean, quality, safety and efficiency as part of their manufacturing processes in the past few years.