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PC Flooring Ltd. places over 3,000 square metres of Gypsol Anhydrite floor screed via Cemex for an accommodation project in Slough, UK.

The apartments were a project undertaken by Morgan Sindall Group, a construction and regeneration company. The group built the block in Slough town centre. They fitted each apartment with bathroom pods, which act as datum (calculation reference) points for each dwelling. PC Flooring carried out surveys within the apartments and with the help of Ian Mitchell, Gypsol Technical Specification Manager, they developed a solution, using Gypsol Anhydrite Screed.

A requirement for a thin screed

One of the benefits of Gypsol screed is that it can be laid as thinly as 15mm. This has a number of advantages including capitalising on space between the floor and ceiling.

PC Flooring attended a meeting at Morgan Sindall’s headquarters to discuss the options for this particular build, in order to achieve an appropriate floor system. In the case of this project, a thin screed was required due to the threshold of the bathroom pods, As a result, they agreed to use Gypsol TS20, specifying a minimum depth of 20mm.

Installing a Gypsol screed floor: Preparation

The PC Flooring team visited the project the day prior to screed installation. They did so to prepare the existing concrete floor with an SBR bonding solution and place tripods to act as a guide for the finished screed level.

Installing a Gypsol screed floor: Laying the screed

Installation of the first batch of Gypsol TS20, included the placement of over 560m2 at an average depth of 23mm. Cemex supplied this particular batch via their Datchet plant.

This project is still ongoing. PC Flooring will return to site each week to prepare and pour the upper floors until the job is complete. At that point, a total of approximately 3000m2 of Gypsol Screed will have been placed.

A great result

Damon Probert, Contracts Manager for PC Flooring commented ‘Having previously worked for Morgan Sindall, they approached us regarding a suitable floor system for an apartment block. We have now supplied the first part of this project. And we are pleased to hear that early feedback from the client is extremely positive. Therefore, we are confident that Morgan Sindall will be using liquid screed for future projects.’

Regeneration for Slough

On the western border of London, Slough is a thriving business town and a an important commercial centre, servicing the whole of the UK. Forming part of the Crossrail project, Slough will be connected to the City of London in approximately 45 minutes and to Heathrow in just six when the Elizabeth Line completes in the next couple of years.

It is anticipated that as a result of Crossrail, the residential appeal of Slough will increase dramatically, leading to a large scale regeneration project and the building of new homes.

Screed solution for every type of floor

LKAB Minerals has over ten Gypsol screed binder solutions in its portfolio. Each of these products fulfils a specific need in the construction industry. In this case, the best solution was a Gypsol TS-20 binder. Would you like to understand which Anhydrite binder is best for your next project? Contact us today!