Magnetite slurry test to pump magnetite and water | LKAB Minerals

Can a slurry of magnetite and water be pumped? To find out we did a small scale test at our plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands.

We performed a slump test to measure the consistency of fresh slurry, to check the workability of the freshly made slurry. The result is a true slump, which indicates the slurry can be mixed homogeneous and pumped.

MagnaDense slurry as ballast

The slurry test is initiated to match the demands from the industry. To allow offshore structures to be ballasted with magnetite slurry both off and onshore, this test is a start in a series of developments we are planning for 2018.

We filmed the process and created a video which shows the steps we took to test the MagnaDense slurry.