Meat packaging using detectable plastics with Magnetite - LKAB Minerals
sliced sausages

Very different from the usual events we visit, earlier this month our colleague Stefan Viering visited the IFFA show.

Not a typical industrial minerals show the IFFA is the most important international event for the meat industry. However, our aim was not to learn about meat or sell minerals to mix in meat. No, our goal was to meet the meat packaging industry. In particular, we wanted to hear about the existing technology and the need for detectable meat packaging.

Prevent call-back action due to plastic in food

Unfortunately, we can all remember different situations from the recent past, in which a food producer had to call-back their products due to plastic contamination. One of the most recent incidents was in The Netherlands, where Dutch company Vegetarian Butcher had to call back the Little Willies, their vegetarian sausages due to possible plastic contamination. This type of action is something that every food producer wants to prevent.

Using detectable plastics with our natural mineral can prevent such unwanted action.

Detectable plastics using magnetite

We already sell our MagniF product to the plastics industry that makes detectable packages. However, because we have developed an even finer product, the Ultra Fine Ground Magnetite (UFGM), we needed to get in touch with industrial leaders in food packaging. And so we did at the IFFA event in Frankfurt, Germany.

Most noteworthy, we detected three interesting applications for meat packaging that could benefit from our new UFGM products for plastic detection:

  • Sausage casings
  • Tags
  • Conveyor belts

With UFGM we aim to make plastics detectable when used or consumed within the food processing plant. For example single use pieces such as:

  • cable tags,
  • cable ties
  • oxygene barrier film for meat
  • casings that are removed from the sausage before cutting the slices

As a result from this visit, we are now certain that all these products can benefit from adding UFGM to it.

Samples proof detectability concept

Of course, our colleague didn’t visit the show empty-handed. He brought several samples of detectable plastic films with him, each containing the Ultra Fine Ground Magnetite. While at the show, several meat packaging companies were demonstrating their products. Stefan handed them a piece of film to do a live test on the detectability of it. Because each time the sample passed their test, the audience was impressed with the possibilities. As a result, we gathered a lot of new contacts.

UFGM in your meat packaging product

Are you curious as well what our UFGM could offer your packaging product? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with our knowledgeable regional sales managers or contact Stefan Viering directly. We can provide you with a sample of the product and technical information as well as references.

For more information on our current product range for the polymer industry, please visit the product and application pages on this website.