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Radiation shielding in hospitals with MagnaDense - comparison

Another Finnish hospital is under construction using MagnaDense concrete to reduce wall thickness but keeping optimum protection against radiation.

For this project, LKAB Minerals supplies the heavy, dense natural mineral to Lujabetoni Oy, which produces the high density concrete. Heavy concrete deliveries will begin in week 22 and continue until almost the end of the year.

Working together to strengthen knowledge transfer

Preliminary testing of heavy concrete for this particular site use was started at the beginning of April 2020. ”Our know-how in heavy concrete recipes and product use has developed step by step. We have performed numerous tests in our laboratory in cooperation with our expert partner LKAB Minerals Oy,” says Tuomo Halonen, Sales Manager at Lujabetoni.

Today, the Finnish economy sees a change in construction where more demanding building projects require very precisely specified special concretes. We work with Lujabetoni in this project because high-density concrete is one of these speciality concretes in which this company has the best expertise in the Finnish industry, says Rauno Ronkainen from Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy, contractor, who is in charge of the site.

Experience provides trust

Already we supplied MagnaDense for other Finnish hospital projects, for example:

  • BNCT project
  • Sirkkala Hospital
  • Bridge Hospital
  • Jyväskylä Nova Hospital
  • Kuopio University Hospital

And with over 50 years of experience in the radiation shielding application world-wide, LKAB Minerals is a trusted partner to supply the high density aggregate.

Reducing wall footprint

In this particular project, a concrete density of 3500 kg/m3 is used. By using the heavy concrete, up to 40% of the wall thickness can be eliminated compared to ordinary concrete.  To sum it all up, MagnaDense concrete provides significant space savings, more moisture-safe construction and excellent radiation protection.

LKAB Minerals supplies approximately 6,000 tonnes of MagnaDense. The goods were transported by ship and stored in covered interim storage facilities in the Port of Oulu to ensure the success of the project. Using a cover avoids the risk of possible wetting and consequent freezing. Besides, shipping has a positive environmental impact compared to road transport, as it avoids the transport of more than 150 loads by road from northern Sweden.