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Detectable polymer with MagniF

LKAB Minerals is currently running trials for the application of MagniF as functional filler in plastic processing equipment to minimize food contamination.

None of us would like to find plastic in our food. Processors are highly aware of the need to ensure our food is not contaminated. Especially not with the plastic parts from the machinery they use in their operations. However, processed foods have run through a highly automated process. So who does the final quality check? Who makes sure that the packed bread we buy does not contain any plastic part from the machinery?

A new application for our MagniF

Throughout 2015 Stefan Viering from R&D has run trials with our partners. They incorporate MagniF into plastic parts used in the food industry processing equipment. This makes sure the plastic is traceable.

MagniF, when used in polymers for food processing equipment, facilitates the detection of contamination from these plastic particles. X-rays can detect metal pieces, but plastic parts are difficult to find. Therefore, MagniF plays a major role with its unique feature of detectability. Because of its inherent ferri-magnetic properties it can be detected using either x-ray or metal detectors like high frequency coil (HFC).

Magnetite is also a non-toxic mineral and therefore perfect to use in objects for food processing. It passes FDA (US) and EC (Europe) food contact requirements. Allowing it to use our mineral in a food application. After the approval by FDA and EC LKAB Minerals created special MagniF grades. LKAB Minerals designed both MagniF 10F and MagniF 25F for this application – the F standing for Food approval.

MagniF benefits in short

  • Filling levels of 7-10% sufficient for effective traceability
  • Detectable by x-ray and high friction coil (HFC)
  • Natural filler compared to competitive synthetically produced fillers
  • Lower filling levels make the compound become cheaper

Would you like more information on our MagniF product range? Or otherwise learn about the application as a tracer in polymers? Please contact your local sales person now.