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LKAB Minerals joined over 100 top engineers in the UK nuclear industry at the second ICE Nuclear organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the conference covered UK construction opportunities both at home and abroad.

For LKAB Minerals this event gave us an opportunity to learn about the current challenges within the industry. In addition, we could find what possibilities exist in the industry for Magnetite products as radiation shielding solution.

Nuclear radiation shielding market news

The most interesting marketing information for LKAB Minerals from the event was:

  • The plans for developing the next generation of nuclear experts in the form of apprenticeships
  • The plans for a new storage pond at Sellafield
  • 11 new reactors BWR’s or PWR’s planned in the UK
  • Decommissioning of up to 18 existing plants in accordance with the strict safety legislation in place

Looking at the broader nuclear industry, there are 309 reactors. You find the reactors spread over 109 sites in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This number of reactors can be divided into:

  • 183 operable
  • 16 under construction
  • 40 planned
  • 70 shut down or under decommissioning.

MagnaDense protects against nuclear radiation

The most interesting projects for LKAB Minerals are the new and decommissioning sites. Due to the radiation shielding properties of LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense, as proven for decades, it can be incorporated into the concrete walls of nuclear new builds or refurbishments. Resulting in less need for concrete to produce thinner walls. The construction can achieve a reduction in thickness of up to 40%. Meanwhile maintaining the same level of radiation protection essential for nuclear new builds and decommissioning.

Radiation shielding experience

Many tons of MagnaDense are mixed into concrete or used as loose aggregate in construction that needs radiation protection. Customers use our product in nuclear applications, and also in health and research related constructions.

You will find more in-depth information on a number of projects on our website, such as:

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