Decorative Paints

Minerals in decorative paint

Discover the minerals which go into decorative paint.

Paints and coatings are part of our bread and butter, with a range of our minerals going into this industry. Our MicaFort, Talc, and Chalk all have a range of effects important to decorative paint.

MicaFort carries a range of benefits for paints which include the lifetime of coatings, strength of paint, water vapour permeability, as well as improving the finish. In addition, our DekorFlake, also based off mica, is used to create a decorative finish for paints.

Our Talc also has a role in decorative paints. Developed specifically for the coatings, it is used as filler, or extender, for corrosion resistance and increases paint stability. Chalk is also used in a similar manner, as it is used as a filler.