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Calcifert sulphur bzn

Sulphur and Calcium fertilisers improve soil conditions

20 June , 2019
This season our Calcifert team will attend several agricultural events to explain the benefits of using Calcium based fertilisers to improve soil and crop quality.

Job vacancy – Supply Chain Coordinator – Derby

17 June , 2019

Job vacancy – Shift Process Technician (GGBS) – Scunthorpe

17 June , 2019
Life Cycle Assessment UltraCarb results

UltraCarb; the sustainable flame retardant solution

13 June , 2019
A detailed and independently controlled Life Cycle Assessment of UltraCarb showed how significantly more environmental friendly UltraCarb is through a full life cycle when compared to traditional aluminium hydroxide (ATH) flame retardants.
Sakis presenting at IPTF Russia

International focus on plastic recycling and sustainability

11 June , 2019
At the latest edition of the International Polymer Technology Forum (IPTF), speakers emphasise recycling in their presentations.
Anhydrite Screed for your building project

Gypsol launches Rapide Screed

3 June , 2019
LKAB Minerals is excited to be launching its first fast drying screed, Gypsol Rapide. 
Compounding World Expo compilation

The future of compounding in the USA

27 May , 2019
Early May 2019 the Compound World Expo informed the plastics industry on its trends, challenges and opportunities.
Chinaplas 2019 compilation

Minerals for engineering plastics in China

24 May , 2019
With a joint promotion at the Chinaplas 2019, we informed the Asian market about our industrial minerals for plastics.
sliced sausages

Meat packaging using detectable plastics

23 May , 2019
Very different from the usual events we visit, earlier this month our colleague Stefan Viering visited the IFFA show.
Old Elbe Tunnel - St.Pauli Elbe Tunnel

MagnaDense against hydrostatic uplift in tunnel

21 May , 2019
LKAB Minerals supplied over 1,400 tonnes of MagnaDense for the renovation of the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel.