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Francis Flower becomes LKAB

Francis Flower to become fully integrated September 1st

8 August , 2019
In December 2018, LKAB Minerals acquired Francis Flower, a family owned group of UK based companies specialising in the processing of mineral products. The acquisition is an obvious synergy for both companies and strengthens our product and service offering to a number of industries.

Job vacancy – Customer Services Administrator – Runcorn

2 August , 2019
Black plastic packages cosmetics

Polymer industry waiting for recycling regulations

3 July , 2019
Although it looks like we will never be able to recycle plastics by 100%, the industry wants to know what it can and must do to comply with legal standards.
Calcifert sulphur bzn

Sulphur and Calcium fertilisers improve soil conditions

20 June , 2019
This season our Calcifert team will attend several agricultural events to explain the benefits of using Calcium based fertilisers to improve soil and crop quality.

Job vacancy – Supply Chain Coordinator – Derby

17 June , 2019

Job vacancy – Shift Process Technician (GGBS) – Scunthorpe

17 June , 2019
Life Cycle Assessment UltraCarb results

UltraCarb; the sustainable flame retardant solution

13 June , 2019
A detailed and independently controlled Life Cycle Assessment of UltraCarb showed how significantly more environmental friendly UltraCarb is through a full life cycle when compared to traditional aluminium hydroxide (ATH) flame retardants.
Sakis presenting at IPTF Russia

International focus on plastic recycling and sustainability

11 June , 2019
At the latest edition of the International Polymer Technology Forum (IPTF), speakers emphasise recycling in their presentations.
Anhydrite Screed for your building project

Gypsol launches Rapide Screed

3 June , 2019
LKAB Minerals is excited to be launching its first fast drying screed, Gypsol Rapide. 
Compounding World Expo compilation

The future of compounding in the USA

27 May , 2019
Early May 2019 the Compound World Expo informed the plastics industry on its trends, challenges and opportunities.