Breakwater constructions with heavy concrete

High-density MagnaDense aggregate is used in heavy concrete blocks designed in specific shapes for coastal protection against water and weather influences.

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Concrete sea walls with MagnaDense

Contractors and designers within the coastal protection area meet many challenging situations. Specifications often outline sustainable constructions with highly aesthetically pleasing designs required. It is important to use both technical solutions and materials that withstand long-term exposure to impact from harsh environmental conditions. Our natural heavy weight aggregate MagnaDense is a perfect solution in these cases. With MagnaDense it is possible to make high density concrete with densities up to 4.0 t/m3.

Rubble mound breakwaters with high-density concrete

In the design of rubble mound breakwaters used to protect the coast, the stability of armour layers is one of the most important aspects. By using high density concrete in armour layers, a reduction of the required edge length of cubes with a factor 2 can be achieved meaning that the volume of the cube goes down by a factor 8!

Different breakwater types

High density concrete is used in coastal concrete blocks of various types including:

  • Cubes
  • Tetrapod sea wall blocks
  • Accropod sea wall blocks
  • Core-locTM sea wall blocks

All breakwater types benefit from the addition of high density MagnaDense in the coastal defence method. In the video, based on research, you will see a detailed explanation of heavy dense concrete blocks for erosion protection.

LKAB Minerals can confidently state the primary benefits of using MagnaDense in coastal protection blocks as:

  • more weight per volume; keeping blocks of same dimensions in place better
  • easy to produce, place and construct
  • less concrete required
  • smaller blocks are easier to handle

Influences on sea defence

When protecting the coastline with high density concrete blocks from both external and internal forces, the success of these coastal defence concrete blocks depends on:

  • wave climate
  • slope angle
  • density of block material
  • size of the block
  • depth of the sea

Once these characteristics have been taken into account it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in the amount of concrete used and save space by incorporating MagnaDense into coastal defence concrete blocks used to reduce coastline erosion.

Riverbank erosion protection

LKAB Minerals MagnaDense is also used in smaller elements to cover and protect riverbanks. The use of our material increases stability without changing the shape and size of the element.

Availability of MagnaDense for coastal defence and erosion projects

MagnaDense is an inert natural mineral which does not react or corrode in contact with water. The aggregate is mined from our groups’ resources in Kiruna in Northern Sweden. MagnaDense is harmless to the environment, non-toxic in all its forms and environmentally friendly as well which is hugely important in the natural environments where sea defence is needed.

LKAB Minerals have provided products for several coastal and erosion protection projects. With global stock locations and owned mines in the northern part of Sweden, we can ensure that we will always be able to supply a high-quality dense aggregate enabling your concrete block, accropod, tetrapod or Core-locTM production at your location, year-round.

Would you like more information on our MagnaDense aggregates? Please contact your regional sales manager today!