Natural minerals for adhesives and sealants

LKAB Minerals manufactures a range of mineral fillers used in sealants and adhesives for cost reduction, rheology modification and pigment extension.

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Sealants and adhesives are around us in everyday life and as everything need to become more and more sustainable. LKAB Minerals delivers three natural and sustainable solutions:

UltraCarb modifies sealants

The mineral combination of Hydromagnesite and Huntite can be used as a rheological modifier in polysulphide sealants and is an alternative to precipitated calcium carbonate.

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Adhesives and Sealants

In sealant systems, UltraCarb provides excellent slump resistance and a higher gunning rate than other fillers. The chemically basic nature of the Huntite and Hydromagnesite minerals and their high surface area makes them efficient acid scavengers in pH-sensitive polymer systems.

Chalk extends TiO2

When Chalk is uncoated, it is used as an extender for titanium dioxide in acrylic sealants where the colour and opacity are maintained. Coated Chalk products improve dispersion properties and reduce plasticiser demand in non-water based sealant systems.

ATH for fire retardancy

Aluminium Trihydroxide (ATH) is used within adhesives and sealants to provide fire retardancy and smoke suppression. High filler levels can be achieved with this mineral and the ATH will remain stable within the adhesive or sealant at temperatures below 205°C.

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