Improving flux coatings for welding rod electrodes

LKAB Minerals manufacture products specifically for use in welding rods that fulfil the exact standards this very technical application requires.

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MicaCal, a specialised grade within our MicaFort brand range, has a long established history of use in covered rutile electrodes for mild steel.
The above physical properties give the following benefits when incorporating MicaCal into the flux coatings for welding rod electrodes:Influence on the rheology of the flux mix during the extrusion coating process
Quick drying and curing with a reduced risk of cracking, also when electrodes are flexed or bent during use
A tougher flux coating and reduced risk of damage during handling and transportation
Mica offers a useful source of potassium without altering silicate binder chemistry
MicaCal can be used in various steel alloy electrodes where other Muscovite Mica products can be problematic due to chemistry and high moisture content. MicaCal can give major improvements in manufacture, handling, and usage of welding electrodes.LKAB Minerals also supply Rutile Sand for welding rods; this mineral is an important component in this application and valued for the titanium content.For more information on the MicaCal or another MicaFort product contact one of the LKAB Minerals team members via the below contact box.