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Old Elbe Tunnel - St.Pauli Elbe Tunnel

LKAB Minerals supplied over 1,400 tonnes of MagnaDense for the renovation of the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel.

The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel is also known as the Old Elbe Tunnel and is both a pedestrian and vehicle tunnel. You can drive through this tunnel in Hamburg, Germany.

Old installation fails

A previously installed steel construction with lead plates was not suitable enough for countervailing the hydrostatic uplift of the surrounding water in the Elbe anymore. In addition, the available structural clearance was already too small to thicken the wall further with standard concrete. Therefore, high density concrete was the best solution to overcome the hydrostatic uplift problem.

Pump high density concrete from surface into tunnel

But how to get the high density concrete from the surface into the tunnel? Thomas Tepper, Sales Manager at LKAB Minerals GmbH, remembers, “I needed to persuade different parties that pumping high density concrete was most effective.” He continues, “Because of our many references and experience, LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense was eventually requested to make the heavy, dense concrete used for the invert of the tunnel.”

As a result the concrete compensates the buoyant force, and, due to the high density, the structural clearance could be preserved.

Technical information on heavyweight concrete for tunnels

For the Elbe Tunnel project, we created a detailed case study with all relevant data which is available upon request from your regional contact person. Besides our involvement in the Elbe Tunnel renovation, we have also supplied to the impressive Crossrail project in the centre of London, which besides space challenges also had noise reduction challenges. Another case study on this project is available too. You can also watch the technical webinar online, which gives an inside view on the complicated project and how to overcome different challenges.

Additional technical information

Would you like LKAB Minerals to visit your company for an in-company training on the potential uses and benefits of high density concrete in your future construction projects? Please contact your responsible technical sales manager today!

Additionally more product information is available on the MagnaDense product page. And you will also find tunnel application information on this website.