Calcifert Mag

Ideal for soils that have a pH imbalance and are also lacking in magnesium.

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Uses for magnesium lime

Our fertiliser Magnesium Lime is ideal for soils with a pH imbalance and lacking magnesium.

Magnesium is:

  • an essential ingredient of chlorophyll, the green plant pigment that gives leaves their colour and enables photosynthesis
  • crucial to phosphate and nitrogen metabolism
  • a key component for healthy plant growth and protein synthesis

Along with potassium, magnesium helps regulate a plant’s uptake of water, and adequate magnesium levels are vital to establishing good crops. Magnesium lime also balances soil pH, giving:

  • Improved crop performance
  • Better crop quality and yield
  • Better fertiliser efficiency
Calcifert Mag in big bags - Close Up

Calcifert Mag product details

Our Calcifert Mag is:

  • a granulated dolomitic limestone
  • manufactured in the UK
  • containing more than 19% magnesium as MgO
  • granulated using dolomitic limestone flour and a water-soluble binder

Calcifert Mag benefits

The agricultural industry knows that our LKAB Minerals Calcifert Mag gives the following benefits:

  • Can be self-spread using standard farm fertiliser spreading equipment.
  • High reactivity means lower application rates than standard magnesium lime, making Calcifert Mag a cost-effective option.
  • Granules of a regular shape and size ensure even spread and rapid uptake.
  • Suitable for all crops including grassland and forage crops, cereals and oilseeds, fruit, veg, vines and hops.
  • Independent tests have shown that Calcifert Mag can be accurately spread at up to 36 metres.

Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is most likely to occur on light sandy soils and shallow chalk soils with low organic matter. Soils with low pH are also prone to magnesium deficiency. High levels of potassium in the land, caused by potash-rich soils or overuse of potash fertiliser, reduce the ability of plants to take up magnesium.

Application rate Calcifert Mag

The application rate will depend on the amount of Magnesium required by the soil. To make sure you use the correct application rate for Calcifert Mag we suggest you to seek FACTS qualified advise.

Packaging Calcifert Mag

LKAB Minerals supplies the Calcifert Mag in 600 kg big bags.

You can apply our Calcifert products via a conventional fertiliser spreader. Independent tests have shown that Calcifert granulated products can be accurately spread up to 36-metre bout widths.

Spreader setting results

Trials with a range of leading fertiliser spreaders have shown that Calcifert Lime spreads to 36 metres and has a Co-efficient of Variance of less than 3.7%.  We have tested:

  • Amazone ZA-M
  • Kuhn Axis
  • KRM Ex trend
  • Vicon RSXL

Calcifert Sulphur has a similar spread pattern and has been separately tested with a range of fertiliser spreaders.

Trials with Calcifert Mag show that this product successfully spread up to 36-metre bout widths.

  • How do I know if I require Mag Lime?


    Ensure a broad spectrum soil analysis is carried out so that the balance between Calcium and Magnesium can be worked out.

  • Which soils are more likely to require Magnesium?


    All soils require Magnesium when balancing the soil’s nutrients. However, once a heavier clay soil has the correct level, it is less likely that it will need Mag Lime. Sandy soils do not hold on to nutrients as strongly and require regular amounts of all including Magnesium. These soils are therefore more likely to request this product.

  • How much Magnesium is in Calcifert Mag?


    This product has a high Magnesium content and is classified as a dolomite limestone with 19% MgO.