Calcifert; Granulated limestone and calcium sulphate for agricultural use

The Calcifert® range offers granulated products to the agricultural industry. Calcifert provides essential nutrients to grassland and crops in a format farmers apply using conventional fertiliser spreading equipment.

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A soil with a low pH does not use fertilisers efficiently. A soil at pH of 5.9 has the potential to lock up 48% of phosphorus and reduce nitrogen utilisation by 11%. Considering both farm profitability and environmental sustainability fertiliser must be utilised efficiently, Calcifert products can help achieve this aim.

Agricultural and horticultural nutrient

Calcifert Lime, our fast-acting agricultural granulated limestone, is extremely popular with farmers, as are our Calcifert Sulphur and Calcifert Mag products which supply much-needed nutrients to the soil.

You can optimise the nutrients in your soil with our range of granulated lime, magnesium lime and calcium sulphate products that have:

  • Low application rates
  • Highly reactive granules
  • Applied with a standard spreader

All of our range is designed to be implemented via a conventional fertiliser spreader, making it quick and easy to treat either whole fields or specific areas. Calcifert supplies a range of easy-to-apply granulated products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Soil control and optimising crop solutions

Our customers use the Calcifert product range in a variety of soil and crop applications, such as:

  • Neutralising soil acidity
  • Increase crop quality and yield
  • Address Calcium deficiency in the soil and plants
  • Strengthen the plant’s physical structure
  • Increase grass protein levels
  • Improve the digestibility of grass forage
  • Improve soil structure and workability

Fertiliser for a large variety of crops

LKAB Minerals offers the right nutrient for your soil, helping you to improve the quality and yield of your produce. Examples of crops that can use our products are:

  • Vegetables
  • Root crops
  • Brassicas
  • Orchards
  • Grass and clover swards
  • Grassland

Calcifert benefits

Farmers use our Calcifert products because it:

  • is easy to apply
  • can be spread where and when it suits the landowner
  • is especially useful for spot treatment of specific areas
  • requires a fraction of the traditional lime amount
  • can be used by farmers themselves = removing waiting time & cost for specialist contractors

Calcifert product range

All products in the Calcifert range are:

  • using a pure raw material
  • ground into a very fine powder
  • mixed with a soluble binder
  • uniform granules
  • instantly dissolved upon contact with water
Product nameProduct typeInformation
Calcifert LimeGranulated Calcium LimeQuickly control soil pH with our highly reactive granulated lime. Possible to spray all year round.
Calcifert SulphurGranulated Calcium SulphateOne of the purest calcium sulphate products on the market, for arable and grassland soils deficient in calcium and sulphur
Calcifert LS11Granulated Lime and Calcium SulphateAn innovative new soil treatment available for the first time to UK farmers, aims to balance soil pH and supply essential Calcium and Sulphur to soils in one easy, cost-effective application.
Calcifert MagGranulated Magnesium LimeIdeal for soils that have a pH imbalance and are also lacking in magnesium.

Delivery Calcifert nutrient products

All Calcifert products are supplied conveniently packaged in non-returnable 600 kg bags for ease of handling.

Calcifert origin

Our fertiliser range is best known for its flagship granulated lime product, Calcifert Lime, a highly reactive and pure agricultural lime product, made using 100% British lime from the Peak District. This lime is well-proven to effectively reduce soil acidity and regulate pH in grassland and arable soils.

We make Calcifert Sulphur from a source which supplies Calcifert with Calcium Sulphate, which has a 98% purity.

Calcifert specifications

LKAB Minerals makes all products for high purity sources using a water-soluble organic binder. For detailed information, please see our specification sheets and PSDS.


Calcifert products are accredited with the AgLime Quality Standard (AQS), an industry initiative targeted to guarantee the regulatory quality of AQS certified agricultural liming products on the UK market.

You can apply our Calcifert products via a conventional fertiliser spreader. Independent tests have shown that Calcifert granulated products can be accurately spread up to 36-metre bout widths.

Spreader setting results

Trials with a range of leading fertiliser spreaders have shown that Calcifert Lime spreads to 36 metres and has a Co-efficient of Variance of less than 3.7%.  We have tested:

  • Amazone ZA-M
  • Kuhn Axis
  • KRM Ex trend
  • Vicon RSXL

Calcifert Sulphur has a similar spread pattern and has been separately tested with a range of fertiliser spreaders.

Trials with Calcifert Mag show that this product successfully spread to up to 36-metre bout widths.

Calcifert application recommendations

For your convenience, we have prepared guidelines for the recommended application of Calcifert Lime for different soils and field pH. This information is based on crop trials. Details can be found in the application recommendations sheet as available for download from the list below.