LKAB Minerals offer UK manufactured Chalk from a local high quality soft white chalk deposit that has been quarried for more than sixty years.

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Chalk whiting is a versatile filler useful to textured wall finishes as it provides high brightness and excellent whiteness. Among this it is also profitable to rigid and flexible PVC, epoxy compounds, adhesives, rubber, printing inks and paper products.

The fine soft nature of chalk coupled with a smooth round particle shape and carefully controlled particle size distribution make it an ideal filler for a variety of applications. Our unique deposit is free from the abrasive flints normally associated with chalk whiting.

General properties cover

  • good colour
  • high brightness
  • low oil absorption
  • good temperature stability
  • ease of mixing.
chalk moved by shovel loader

Our chalk standard grades

  • Uncoated grades: MC5, MC40
  • Whiter uncoated grades: MC20H, MC40H
  • Stearate coated grades: ST10, ST10H

Chalk packaging

Our Chalk product range is available in paper sacks, big bags or bulk.

The typical properties of Chalk are:

Physical properties of Chalk:

Specific gravity [g/cm³]
Refractive index
Oil absorption [ml/100g]
16 - 18
Moisture content [%]
Loose bulk density [kg/l] (uncoated grades)
Loose bulk density [kg/l] (coated grades)
0.7 - 0.9
Compacted bulk density [kg/l] (uncoated grades)
Compacted bulk density [kg/l] (coated grades)

Chemical properties of Chalk:

CaO [%]
52 - 55

Mineral origin

Our Chalk product range comes from a high quality soft white chalk deposit in the UK.

Chalk mineral toxicology

The mineral is non-toxic and non-hazardous. For further information please download the Safety Data Sheet on the right of this page.

Downloads on request