Limestone Filler in asphalt

Used as an anti-stripping additive and mineral filler our limestone is found in asphalt to improve the quality cost-effectively.

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Applications for limestone filler

You can use our limestone filler in asphalt mixtures for:

  • road surfaces (A and B roads, motorways)
  • construction of airfields and runways (commercial and armed forces airports)
  • mastic asphalts in a variety of applications

Another use of Limestone filler, not connected to the construction industry, is its use as a calcium-based agricultural fertiliser.

Limestone filler industrial mineral

Limestone mineral filler quality assurance

Consistent quality control is maintained by three laboratories, located throughout the country, carrying out regular quality testing. We have our own X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) machine to determine the calcium carbonate content of asphalt fillers.

Product details

Our limestone filler has:

  • minimum Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) content of 70%
  • maximum moisture content of 1%
  • bulk density in kerosene between 0.5 and 0.9 Mg/m3

Just-in-time delivery

A key asset is the company’s extensive silo network. This gives us the capability to store up to 20,000 tonnes of filler, across 60 strategically placed silos. As a result, we can distribute throughout the whole UK on a just in time basis. We can also bag asphalt filler for export outside the UK.

LKAB Minerals also has storage silos located on customer sites to collect excess material from the asphalt manufacturing process, which can then be recycled.

Limestone mineral filler source

Our limestone filler is made from either:

  • excess filler from asphalt plants
  • virgin limestone
  • a careful balance of the above two sources

Limestone toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment and non-toxic. You can download the Safety Data Sheet from the documents tab.