UltraCarb is a natural halogen-free mineral which you can use as a fire retardant filler suitable for plastics and rubbers. We produce the product from a natural mineral deposit.

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Melissa Bartz

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The flame retardant properties of UltraCarb are optimised through advanced mining and refining techniques to fit a variety of applications. We did so by selected mining and processing to fit a variety of applications.

Unique fire retardant properties

UltraCarb has a unique 3-stage fire-retardant mechanism. Whereas the classical endothermic flame retardant fillers act by releasing water in a single action process, our premium product works as follows:

  • Water is released at temperatures of ~220°C (thermal decomposition)
  • CO2 release at temperatures of ~330°C
  • At temperatures of ~560°C, particles accumulate at the surface of the burning polymer to form a stable cementitious char. This char inhibits the combustion process and thus the propagation of the fire through burning droplets.

The platy, high surface area particles of our halogen-free mineral provide excellent properties when you use these as a functional filler in polymers. The products’ high heat absorption protects polymers from rapid thermal degradation and the formation of combustible products.

In a wide range of polymers such as polyethene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber our customers use the product as a fire retardant filler.

UltraCarb pile in landscape