What is the benefit of using Gypsol screeds with underfloor heating?

January 27, 2023

There are a few benefits of using Gypsol screeds with underfloor heating. The minimum cover to the heating element needs only to be 20mm using the HTC screed, so the heat only has to travel through 20mm of floor screed before you start to feel the heat. Gypsol screeds are self-compacting, making them denser compared to hand-applied floor screeds. This means that the heat will travel through the screed more quickly. You install the screed in a very fluid state, intimately encapsulating the heating elements and drawing the heat from every surface.

This means that the reaction times will be faster, reaching your desired temperature more quickly.
The Gypsol team can offer you advice on bay sizes and the location of expansion joints; this is important where underfloor heating is employed.