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Silage season is here, and finding ways to maximise the quality of second and third cuts is very important for a lot of farmers. All high-quality crops start with good nutrient values found in the soil, and treating deficiencies with lime and sulphur could help drastically improve results.

Recent data suggests that following a dramatic reduction in atmospheric deposits over the last 30 years, up to 85% of arable land and 88% of grassland is deficient in sulphur, with some soils now at critically low levels*. Sulphur is an essential nutrient required for the healthy development of all plants and vital to efficient nitrogen utilisation.

Calcifert granulated lime and sulphur products can be applied between silage cuts to help enhance the quality and protein levels within the grass.

Product information

Calcifert LS11

LS11, our latest product, is a brilliant solution for improving soil health and ensuring quality silage cuts. LKAB’s technical specialist and agronomist, Mark Tripney, explains more: “With ever-increasing fertiliser prices and sourcing becoming an issue with some products, it is more important than ever that farmers get the most from the inputs they apply, and Calcifert LS11 is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to target two essential areas of soil health that need addressing annually in nearly all cropping situations – pH level maintenance and sulphur supply,” says Mark.

“Trials on one Scottish grassland farm have shown that a single spring application of just 200kg of Calcifert LS11 per hectare improved Dry Matter yield by 9.2% between May and August. This equates to a return of 12:1 and results from improved nutrient use efficiency and plant uptake when available calcium and sulphur are applied early in the growing season. pH is maintained at the target level,” explains Mark.

  • Product Analysis: Ca 37%, CaO 52%, S 4.5%, SO3 11%
  • Neutralising value (as CaO): 44
  • Moisture content: <0.5%
  • Reactivity (HCI): 99%

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