Calcifert Sulphur

One of the purest calcium sulphate products on the market for arable and grassland soils is deficient in calcium and sulphur. Calcifert Sulphur is a granulated calcium sulphate product.

Product information

Calcifert Sulphur is a quick and easy way to supply both calcium and sulphur to your soil. Our granulated Sulphur is one of the purest calcium sulphate products on the market, with a neutralising value of zero, meaning it won’t affect the pH of your soil.

Product Analysis: Ca 27.9%, CaO 39%, S 22.4%, SO3 56%
Neutralising value (as CaO): 1
Moisture content: <0.5%

Product benefits

The Calcifert granulated soil conditioner range offers a great range of benefits, including:

  • Can be applied using standard spreading equipment
  • Produced in the UK
  • Ideal for all crops, including grassland, cereals, fruit & vegetables, oilseed rape, and hops

Packaging Calcifert

Calcifert granulated products are available in:

  • Standard 600 kg bags

Spreader settings and application recommendation

You can apply our Calcifert products via a conventional fertiliser spreader. Independent tests have shown that Calcifert granulated products can be accurately spread up to 36-metre bout widths.

Spreader setting results

Trials with a range of leading fertiliser spreaders have shown that Calcifert granulated products spread to 36 metres and have a Coefficient of Variance of less than 10%.  We have tested the following:

  • Amazone ZA-M
  • Kuhn Axis
  • Accord HL
  • KRM Ex trend
  • KRM M35
  • Teagle Centerliner SX
Importance of Sulphur

Importance of Sulphur

Following a dramatic reduction in atmospheric deposits, up to 85% of arable and 88% of grassland is deficient in sulphur. Sulphur is an essential nutrient required for the healthy development of all plants and vital to efficient nitrogen utilisation.

Efficient nitrogen generation

Sulphur is key to efficient nitrogen generation. It is, therefore, essential that farmers get the most from the input they apply, especially with ever-increasing fertiliser prices.