Decorative flooring with DekorFlake

In the quest for sustainable products Minelco are pleased to see the resurgence of a material containing our minerals which can be reused.

Lime Plaster is not a new product; ancient Egyptian monuments, Maltese buildings, the Great Wall of China and the Aztec Empire all used lime as a building material. The UK industry brought this product back to prominence. One of the reasons is it can be recycled 100% and used again. But as important is the ability to create intrinsic designs and apply the plaster with ease.

Mica flakes for a brighter decorative effect

Leading training centres show apprentices how to mix and apply lime plaster containing mica flakes for a brighter decorative effect. Minelco works with a centre of excellence in London to find the best products for aesthetic appeal in this application. The variety of mica particle shapes and colours available from Minelco provides plaster finishes with a variety of effects.

The lime plaster can be chipped off the surface it has been applied to, crushed and reused. However, it will stay in situ for many years. The 2000 BC Egyptian monuments with lime plaster are still intact. So are the statues in Jordan which our ancestors made from lime plaster dating back to 5000 BC.