Anhydrite Screed for your building project

LKAB Minerals is excited to be launching its first fast drying screed, Gypsol Rapide. 

Gypsol Rapide is a unique and highly innovative faster drying screed, developed using anhydrite, specially graded sands and selected additives to create a free flowing, self-compacting and self-smoothing floor screed.

Quick drying and installation

With a drying time of as little as 14 days (condition dependant), Gypsol Rapide dries in a fraction of the time of traditional anhydrite or cementitious screeds.

Gypsol Rapide offers rapid installation, covering up to 2,000m2 per day and is independently tested to ensure quality and consistency. LKAB Minerals range of screeds are third party accredited and available from trained installers.

Launching Gypsol Rapide

“This is an exciting step for the Gypsol brand and LKAB Minerals” says John Fry, Commercial Manager for Gypsol. “The launch of a our rapide screed will ensure we service the ever changing needs of our customers and allow for rapid installation in challenging construction projects.”

LKAB Minerals range of Gypsol products are continuously evolving, with the company continuing to invest in the R&D and improvement of new and existing products. The company offer ongoing support to customers in the development and installation of Gypsol products. In addition we provide training to installers, to ensure they install their products correctly. Technical support is available through LKAB Minerals specialist UK team and product testing can be provided in the interim until we established independent testing.

About Gypsol Anhydrite screed binder

Gypsol anhydrite screed binder is made mainly from recycled material, making it a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional labour intensive sand cement screeds. Previously part of the Francis Flower portfolio, the Gypsol range is available throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland from over 80 locations. We designed our range of screeds specifically to meet the needs of the customer. You can place these screeds in just about any project from traditional masonry and lightweight steel frames, to timber frames and high strength applications.