LKAB Minerals renews EcoVadis gold medal

News June 11, 2024
LKAB Minerals renews EcoVadis gold medal

The independent analysis company EcoVadis has once again awarded LKAB Minerals a Gold Medal for our work in sustainability. LKAB Minerals is rated as advanced in all EcoVadis areas (Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement).

“This is our fifth year working with EcoVadis and receiving another gold medal is a testament to how dedicated our teams are to keep driving forward with our ambitious sustainability plans. In fact, our score has improved vs the 2023 rating, from 73p to 78p, which is the biggest annual increase since 2020. We continue to increase our score and points year after year which means our improvement is steady and incremental rather than a one-off” says Anders Lundgren, Chief Sustainability and Project Officer, business area Special Products. 

EcoVadis annually assesses companies’ sustainability work based on criteria within the environment, work environment, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis has audited more than 130,000 companies globally. Only 5% of the companies audited by EcoVadis achieve the gold level.

The improvement in our score reflects the work carried out across the LKAB Minerals Group to provide further evidence on matters such as sustainability reporting, HR, and conflict minerals, in particular on labour and human rights and sustainable procurement . Another focus area is biodiversity, which is incredibly important throughout the Mining and Minerals industry. Each of our sites has different requirements, and we are working with local organisations and experts to benefit our local environments.

We’re committed to continuous improvement, and an analysis of the EcoVadis results is underway to identify further opportunities for improvement. LKAB Minerals Group score is already in the 98th percentile, but we have our sights set on achieving a platinum award in the future!