Minerals engineered for functionality and usability are needed to build a better future. As part of the LKAB Group, we are leading the transformation of our industry, taking responsibility and setting an example in the sector. We do this not just to secure our own future and competitiveness, but also for the sake of the world around us and for future generations.

LKAB Minerals leading the green transformation
LKAB Minerals sustainability - green transformation

Governance, Business Ethics and Policies

It all starts with our values. They are the foundation for our decisions and everyday actions. Here you can view and download our policies and statements relating to sustainability.

Leading the transformation in agriculture
Leading the transformation in radiation shielding

Leading the transformation

Based on our vision and mission, our strategy paves the way for zero carbon-dioxide emissions from our own processes and products by the year 2045.

Annual & sustainability report 2023

Download and view our latest annual and sustainability report here!

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Sustainability can be broken down into four pillars: human, social, economic, and environmental. It is widely recognised that these pillars are reflected in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We need to focus on all four pillars and strive to aid the United Nations in achieving its goals. We aim to be leaders in our industry for the green transformation. This involves considering our practices in each of those pillars.

LKAB Minerals in the transformation

Minerals are prevalent at touchpoints throughout society. It is important to consider our products entire lifecycle. In the green transformation, we are aware of the unique requirements of our customers and their involvement. We aim to be a responsible supplier for your mineral needs, and as a result we consider the full value chain.

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