Fertilisers provide nutrient for the soil

Improve the efficiency of your farm by optimising the nutrient availability of the soil. Use our range of granulated Calcium based fertiliser products including Calcium lime, Magnesium lime and Calcium Sulphate.

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Whether you have questions about the practicalities of measuring calcium levels in the soil, calcium’s role in a zero-tillage system or the use of calcium on your farm, LKAB Minerals understands how important Calcium’s key role is in getting the most from soil, crops and livestock.

Cost-reducing and improved yield

No contractors are required as all granulated products can be spread using a standard farm spreader. The high reactivity of our fertiliser allows for a low rate of application that rapidly reacts with the soil producing the desired effect. Depending on your soil’s requirements we can advise you on the right type of fertiliser from our Calcifert range.

The benefits of using LKAB Minerals products on your farmland:

  • Low application rates
  • Highly reactive granules
  • Applied with standard spreader
  • Improved soil conditions and therefore better crop yield and quality

Independent AQS certification for Calcifert

Calcifert Lime is one of the first lime products that is certified under the new AgLime Quality Standard (AQS).

AQS is an industry-led initiative that requires all Agricultural Lime Association (ALA) members supplying Ag lime to undertake annual tests to verify their compliance with UK national or EU regulatory standards. The ALA created this standard so that farmers can have confidence in the quality of the lime they are buying. This standard is the first assurance benchmark within the UK fertiliser sector for agricultural lime products. The standard includes tests to measure Reactivity, neutralising value (NV), fineness and calcium & magnesium content.

The AQS provides farmers with the added reassurance that the lime they buy is independently verified fertiliser meeting a recognised standard. We firmly believe farmers need to have confidence in the specification of the inputs they are applying to their soil, to get the results they require and expect. Our customers know that by buying Calcifert Lime, they can be confident of getting a very high quality, premium ground limestone that’s 100% reactive.

Specific solutions for different soil conditions

We understand that not all soils are the same and that there are particular crop-related nutrient requirements. Fortunately, we have many years of experience with a large variety of soil types and nutrient-related issues.

For some of the projects we have worked on, case studies are available that explain the specific challenge and the solution. LKAB minerals work with a dedicated agronomist who can advise on any technical queries you may have. Contact us for more information or visit our product pages to find out more about our range.