Radiation shielding with high density concrete

Walls, ceilings and floors containing MagnaDense radiation shielding concrete protect against ionizing radiation due to the high density.

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Radiation protection in buildings

Radiation shielding guarantees that people can work safely in buildings where ionising radiation occurs. Typical buildings that require the right protection are:

The construction of these types of building needs to meet certain specifications regarding radiation protection. LKAB Minerals can advise you in choosing an aggregate with the right density, specification, quality and consistency, which is key for effective radiation shielding in buildings.


How does high density concrete block radiation

Shielding reduces the intensity of radiation depending on the thickness and density of the concrete structure. Moreover, with a higher density material, you can reduce the radiation faster. Our customers use MagnaDense as a concrete aggregate in the concrete formulation to achieve densities of up to 4.0 t/m³. Standard concrete typically has a density of up to 2.4 t/m³. As a result, MagnaDense concrete gives full radiation protection but uses less space.

MagnaDense in different grades

Different radiation shielding construction solutions

There are several construction solutions for using the high density aggregate MagnaDense to build a radiation-protected room or bunker to provide the right degree of defence:

Advantages of using MagnaDense as a radiation shielding material

We often get asked what advantages MagnaDense concrete can bring to a radiation shielding project. Depending on your project one or more of these benefits may apply:

  • More weight, less volume; less excavation/transportation/reinforcement and time for construction
  • Good radiation shielding characteristics
  • Increased weight for a given volume
  • Reduced risk of cracking due to the high heat retention of MagnaDense which results in a lower peak in heat of hydration
  • Space saving; thinner walls

Making and handling heavy concrete

Building a radiation shielding wall is usually not an everyday job for most companies. Fortunately, heavy concrete can be produced using standard construction equipment. Of course, it is important to understand that the weight of MagnaDense will have an influence on the equipment you use. Moreover, you can use your equipment effectively to handle a high density concrete just as you can for ordinary concrete.

Our radiation shielding experience and more

We have more detailed online information on different radiation shielding projects:

There are many more projects where MagnaDense has been utilised to great effect. Hereto we have gathered these in a radiation shielding project brochure which you can request from your local sales manager through the contact form below.

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