The industry uses MagnaDense, mainly as loose ballast or as aggregate for high density concrete. This mineral is a high quality and dense aggregate which we manufacture from natural Magnetite.

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Benefits of MagnaDense

Depending on your specific application, you will find that our natural mineral can bring you different advantages such as:

Experience and applications

The number of applications that can use MagnaDense is still developing. However, in over 30 years we have supplied our customers with our special magnetite grades in a variety of projects. As a result, we group the applications in:

MagnaDense heavy aggregate for high density concrete

Standard grades

Our MagnaDense is available in coarse and fine grades as well as mixtures of these grades and complies with requirements of EN 12620. Top sizes for our dense product range from 0.5mm to 20mm. Each grade has a controlled particle size distribution.  Furthermore, we designed it in such a way that we ensure the heavy dense natural mineral fits your application.

Please, select your country in the contact box at the bottom of this page to request detailed data from one of our Sales Managers.

MagnaDense packaging

For your convenience, we can deliver MagnaDense in bulk or bags by:

  • Ship
  • Barge
  • Container
  • Train
  • Individual truckload

Because we are part of the international LKAB Group, LKAB Minerals has 11 different sites across the world where local knowledge is available. Also, most locations have their own storage facilities and can, therefore, supply you on-time and economically, all-year-round the best quality MagnaDense.

MagnaDense mineral origin

We manufacture MagnaDense from the natural mineral Magnetite which we mine in our own group resources. The LKAB mines are located in Kiruna and Malmberget in the northern part of Sweden.

MagnaDense toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment and non-toxic in all its forms.

You can download the Safety Data Sheet from this the documentation tab.

For your convenience, we have created several videos and webinars related to MagnaDense and all its applications, which you can watch in your own time.







We have recorded several MagnaDense related webinars which you can watch at your convenience from our Learning Centre.

Safety Data Sheet

Product Definition

Case Studies

Common questions and answers about the product

  • What is the price/mt for MagnaDense?


    To obtain the most accurate price for our magnetite based aggregate, please call or email the sales manager responsible for your area. Please specify the quantity needed, the MagnaDense grade, the required packaging and the place of delivery. If you need any help determining this, your contact person will be happy to assist you.

  • What is the density of MagnaDense?


    Depending on the grade, the particle density for MagnaDense is 4.7 – 5.1 t/m3  (293 -318 lbs/cu-ft). Please contact LKAB Minerals to help you determine the right bulk density, saturated density, submerged density or density you can achieve in concrete for your particular project.

  • Is MagnaDense toxic?


    No, MagnaDense is not toxic.

  • Will MagnaDense corrode?


    MagnaDense is an iron oxide (Fe3O4) which means it is an oxidised material by nature. Besides, MagnaDense is a very stable mineral which can be considered inert under natural circumstances.

  • Is MagnaDense the same as magnetite or iron oxide?


    Magnetite is an iron ore/iron oxide. Not all iron ore/iron oxide is magnetite. These are terms used for a group of minerals where magnetite is one of them. MagnaDense is manufactured from the mineral magnetite. We mine large lumps of Magnetite (Iron oxide) from our mines in northern Sweden. As a next step, we produce MagnaDense in specific sizes that fit the different industries we supply. LKAB, our mother company, manufactures and delivers upgraded iron ore products and services for iron manufacturing.

  • Is MagnaDense magnetic?


    MagnaDense, manufactured from the natural Magnetite is ferri-magnetic. This means it won’t attract other metals, but like steel, a magnet will stick to it. Magnetite has an approximately 99.5% magnetic content. This means that the magnetite particles can be easily recovered/positioned/steered using magnetism.

  • What concrete densities can be achieved with MagnaDense aggregate?


    Depending on the mix design you can reach concrete densities up to 4000 kg/m3  using only MagnaDense as an aggregate. For densities, up to 5000 kg/m3 , a blend of MagnaDense and steel punchings can be used. Our sales managers are experienced in helping our customers to determine the right mix design for each project. Contact us to discuss the best solution in your case.

  • What sizes MagnaDense are available?


    We have different grades compared to the standards in the concrete industry due to our method of mining and the production of the mineral. Also, several grades work very well together and create a good concrete mixture.

  • Can MagnaDense be used with all types of concrete additives?


    Yes, the most important is the cement that reacts with the additive. Therefore if regular cement is used, use the additives you are used to.

  • What is the correlation / difference between particle density and specific gravity?


    Specific gravity (as used in the USA to state a material’s density in relation to that of water at 4°C) varies from 4.7 to 5.1.

  • Can we pump high density concrete made from MagnaDense?


    Yes, the mix can be adjusted to be pumped. For help calculating the right high density concrete mix please contact the responsible regional sales manager. We have plenty of references to various types of concrete being pumped in many different conditions.

  • How expensive is MagnaDense concrete in comparison with normal concrete?


    MagnaDense is an aggregate and forms part of the final high-density concrete prices. This will depend on local situations. Using high-density concrete can have cost and time savings and a positive impact on the environment and your sustainability goals. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of MagnaDense in your particular project.

  • Do you have mixes for concrete with the specific classes?


    We have a lot of experience with all different kinds of concrete mixtures going from earth-dry to very plastic and with different strengths and environmental classes. Please contact us to discuss the details. We are here to help you find the best mixture for your specific project.

  • What is the density correlation between European standard [kg/m3] (kilogram per cubic meter) and US standard [lbs/cu-ft] (pound per cubic feet)?


    The conversion rate between lbs/cu-ft and kg/m3 is as follows: [lbs/cu-ft] = [kg/m3]x 62.42796. All data sheets are available with US units lbs/cu-ft, please contact your local sales manager.

  • What solutions do you offer to US standard sizing for concrete mixing?


    We can offer different grades of MagnaDense depending your required heavy concrete mixture. Our grades differ compared to the standards in the concrete industry due to our method of mining and the production of the mineral. However, we do have several grades that work very well together and create a good concrete mixture. Contact us for more details related to your next project.

  • Does MagnaDense have any effect on concrete strength?


    Hardly. Strength is mainly influenced by water-cement ratio. The cement will glue the aggregates together. The only way the aggregates contribute is their particle shape and with MagnaDense having an angular particle shape it shows slightly better strengths than most regular aggregates but the difference is marginal.

  • Do we need to take precautions for the formwork?


    Please consider a higher pressure on the formwork. Additional anchoring or ties might be needed when using MagnaDense in your project. This is all related to the final concrete density used and height of the pour.

  • Can we blend MagnaDense with other aggregates?


    Yes, you can blend MagnaDense with all known aggregates. To help you get the right mix for your concrete density, please contact your regional sales manager by phone or email.

  • Can truckmixers be fully loaded with high density concrete?


    Yes, truck mixers can be fully loaded with their max weight which means for heavyweight concrete that they should not load their regular volume as that would lead to too much weight. Therefore we advise you to check the regulations for your truck mixers to determine the maximum volume.

  • Does MagnaDense increase tear and wear?


    No, not really as the SiO2 content is low and Silica is more responsible for increased tear and wear.

  • Is MagnaDense colouring our concrete plant and equipment?


    It is hardly visible. MagnaDense is grey/black and as a result, the final concrete will look slightly darker grey than regular concrete.