Heat storage with Magnetite

Magnetite has proven to be the ideal mineral for energy storage. We produce our Magnetite from natural iron ore. It has a great package of thermophysical properties.

Heat storage with Magnetite

Sustainable energy storage with Magnetite

Sustainable and efficient use of energy is a very actual and important topic. The mineral magnetite (Fe304) contributes to this challenge as it can store energy in a very sustainable way. Don’t just take our word for it; you can read a detailed study on natural heat-retaining materials and their heat storage capacity online. This study was taken into account for a large-scale heat storage test in Morocco, using our natural magnetite.

We mine our Magnetite (an iron ore) in northern Sweden at a depth of over 1000 meters.  It is an inert and environmentally-friendly material, which the construction industry uses a lot to create high-density concrete.

Flexibility in electricity procurement

You can store residual heat and reuse it later. Next to that, the application potential is much broader thanks to the fact that the conversion of electricity into heat is very efficient and hardly gives any loss of energy. As a result, companies that buy electricity to produce heat for their processes can create flexibility in the procurement of electricity. This enables them to buy their electricity at the most convenient (cheap) moment. Further magnetite can be the solution to store the temporary overcapacity of green energy from solar panels and windmills.

Night Storage Heaters for residential buildings

Already, the industry uses Magnetite in night storage heaters for over 25 years. Night storage heaters, also known as off-peak heaters or thermal storage heater, have ceramic heat storage bricks composed of magnetite inside the heater unit. A huge benefit is the ability of Magnetite to store the heat during the night (or other off-peak hours) inside the storage heater bricks. The heater provides warmth when the resident requires this, but they can charge the radiator when it is most convenient The new generation of off-peak heating systems uses electricity from renewable energy sources and can feed the unused electricity back to the grid.

Videos on heat storage

In these two short videos below we highlight 6 facts about Magnetite for heat storage.

Magnetite for Heat Storage Technical
Magnetite for Heat Storage Informative

In addition to our videos we also have webinars available on this topic, which you can watch from our Learning Centre at your convenience.

The right mix for your energy storage solution

Depending on the application and your required thermal storage need, you can use one of the several Magnetite grades we offer. We have over 50 years of experience in magnetite applications. So we are confident to advise you which grades will fit best for your particular heat retaining challenge.

Samples are available upon request and our technical team are ready to help with trials when requested. Get in touch with our Sales Managers to help you with the right selection.