Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for MagnaDense

News March 2, 2021

LKAB Minerals AB has issued Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for products MagnaDense 8s and 20s. The EPD shows the environmental impact of each product. To obtain this information, we conducted a thorough Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). An LCA covers our handling from mine to the finished product.


Published EPD

The EPD is published on the website www.environdec.com, reviewed and approved by an external party. The calculated emissions are distributed equally on both products, MagnaDense 8s and 20s. The EPD is valid for five years if nothing significantly impacts the result happens during this time.

The EPD enables us to give third-party verified environmental impact data to ours customers. This enables customers to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions and overall impact of their final product.

Cecilia Jernunger Project manager

MagnaDense as radiation shielding

ESS is a cross-discipline research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. Not only are ESS one of the world’s most modern research facilities, but it is also one of the most sustainable and energy-smart research facilities. Therefore, the contractor, Skanska, has made many sustainable measures during construction, and one of them was to use MagnaDense as radiation shielding.

A consultant will then verify the results from the comparison before published. The results are used to highlight the advantages of using heavy aggregates for constructions. It will show that MagnaDense products can be used instead of traditional standard aggregates.