Learning in lockdown

News July 7, 2020

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, LKAB Minerals has been looking for ways to utilise these times to benefit customers, specifiers, and end-users by hosting a series of webinars on a variety of topics. These ranged from Gypsol screed to MagnaDense in high density concrete and radiation shielding, aimed at people working in Civil Engineering & Construction and offering valuable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points to those who participate in the formal career development process.

A partnership with the ICT

Adele Redhead, Marketing & Communications Manager for the UK & Ireland, initially held two series of webinars, with the second in collaboration with the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT). “Through our long term partnership, we were able to form a collaboration with the ICT, engaging with a larger audience and enabling us to offer CPD points to those who attended. These webinars allowed the audience to learn about our minerals, concrete properties, applications, and projects, as well as alleviate some of the concerns and myths around the use of high density concrete”, Adele commented. 

Offering continuous learning

Throughout the webinar series, the Magnetite & Gypsol commercial teams have actively engaged and encouraged the webinar series, working with the Marketing Team to continuously develop new content and subjects. When asked about what she found most enjoyable during these webinar series, Denise Roberts, Commercial Director for Magnetite & Foundries in the UK & Ireland said “making the most out of the crisis and keeping in touch with the markets, whilst raising the profile of LKAB Minerals. We have seen new enquiries as a result of the knowledge sharing and have also helped to increase the membership numbers for the ICT, an important partner for LKAB Minerals”.

“It was great to deliver valuable and informative webinars during the lockdown together with our partners. Thank you to everybody that helped make these events a success. We are looking forward to hosting additional webinars in the future on a variety of topics, as well as our first online seminar in September”, Adele commented.

The future of marketing

We expect the future of marketing at LKAB Minerals to involve an increase in digitalisation, with a combination of both live and online events, conferences, and exhibitions. Keep up-to-date on our latest events on the events pages of our website.

Thank you to our partners

LKAB Minerals would like to express our sincerest thanks to our guest speakers and the ICT for making these events a success. “We couldn’t have done it without the input and collaboration of our partners and the ICT. With their input, we have provided valuable content-driven webinars, showcasing case studies and projects and supporting our ambition to be the industrial partner of choice”, said Adele.

Register to our webinars

LKAB Minerals continually announce new webinars in different languages and on various topics; follow us on social media and or keep an eye on our website to stay updated.

For your convenience, you can find a direct link to our past events:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer all your questions in our webinars, as you all work with unique projects. Therefore, you can always contact our Sales Managers with your project-specific questions via an online form or a direct call.