LKAB Minerals offers several mineral products to the building and construction industries in order to improve and optimise the construction of structures.



Olivine is a naturally occurring mineral magnesium iron silicate sourced from Norway with a high melting point and density.



Magnetite is a very pure and milled material, that can be used in various industries.

Magnesitic Talc


LKAB Minerals offer fine Magnesitic Talc for various applications such as agricultural and horticultural, polymer processing, coating applications and the ceramics industry.

Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH)


LKAB Minerals offer a range of fine-ground Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) products from European manufacturing locations.



Andricite® is a stable, finely ground synthetic anhydrous calcium sulphate used in a wide range of construction applications.

Fordacal Marble

Fordacal marble

Fordacal marble is made from off-cuts from Northern Italy, perfect for applications when whiteness is of paramount importance.

Limestone FIller

Limestone Filler

Used as an anti-stripping additive and mineral filler, our limestone is found in asphalt to improve quality cost-effectively.

Minerals in decorative paint - Chalk


LKAB Minerals offer UK-manufactured Chalk from a local, high-quality soft white chalk deposit that has been quarried for more than sixty years.

Firecarb - An Expandable Graphite Fire Retardant Additive


FireCarb is an expandable intumescent graphite fire retardant additive that can expand when heated.



MagnaDense is a natural Magnetite used for loose ballast and high density concrete.

Micafort - Muscovite and Phlogopite Micas Mineral


MicaFort, Muscovite and Phlogopite Micas are mineral fillers for a large variety of applications in the polymers and coatings industries.

Magnesium Oxide


Manufactured Magnesium, providing pharmaceutical grades and technical grade Magnesium for many industries worldwide.

Gypsol Binder - Anhydrite Floor Screed Supplier for underfloor heating


Gypsol is a general-purpose, free-flowing, self-compacting anhydrite screed binder.

GGBS – Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

GGBS – Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) offers great durability, reducing the likelihood of concrete thermal cracking, and it improves concrete’s resistance to damage from alkali-silica reaction, sulphates and chlorides.



DekorFlake is a range of natural Mica flakes designed to impart a decorative metallic or natural sparkle effect for decorative concrete.

We offer a wide range of mineral products for construction for a variety of applications.

Our products go into a vast range of applications. Whether it’s into roads and infrastructure, additives for floor screeds, ballast for concrete, or fire protection, you can find our products throughout the construction sector.

These construction products include but are not limited to, Gypsol Binder, Magnetite, GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag), ATH, and Limestone filler. You can delve further here.

Our range of products for the construction industry provide sustainable solutions and optimise performance. One such product is olivine mineral, which finds various uses in the construction industry. Olivine is known for its high strength and durability, making it an ideal material for constructing infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and tunnels. It is also used as a flux in brick and refractory applications, providing thermal stability and enhancing resistance to chemicals.

Additionally, we provide filler minerals, which are used to improve the properties of construction materials. These minerals, such as talc, chalk and limestone filler, act as extenders, reinforcing the durability of paints, adhesives, and coatings. They also enhance the workability and performance of construction materials like concrete and asphalt, ensuring longevity and cost efficiency.

In addition, we continually review our mineral products for construction, so make sure to check for future developments.

Our construction products are found throughout everyday life. From the innocuous to the obvious, minerals are everywhere. Tune into our upcoming minerals are everywhere campaign to learn more about our products and the applications they go into.