Building applications using calcium sulphate

Andricite® is a synthetic anhydrous calcium sulphate which our customers use in the production of aerated building blocks. It is both a chemistry agent as well as a cement additive.

Building Chemistry

Andricite® as a shrinkage reducing agent

When you use our Andricite®  as a building chemistry agent, it works as a shrinkage reducing agent in calcium aluminate-based products for:

Using the mineral in the right proportions with aluminates, it will form ettringite. Consequently, this will:

Aerated building blocks

As an additive in aerated block manufacture, the Andricite® aids in:

Aerated concrete blocks were first produced in the country of our headquarters, Sweden, back in the 1920s. Nowadays, the industry commonly produces aerated concrete blocks worldwide for various construction projects.  You might also know the aerated concrete blocks as:

Calcium sulphate as a cement additive

Cement is the basis for concrete and, therefore, one of the most essential products in the construction industry. In particular, you can use Andricite as a constituent part of cement manufacture. To this means our product is available in a coarse form that perfectly fits cement manufacture.

Therefore, the benefits of using LKAB Minerals Andricite® for cement manufacture are:

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