Composite materials for solid surfacing

ATH and DekorFlake are both natural minerals used as key ingredients in composite materials used as solid surfacing.

Composite materials for solid surfacing

You might know solid surfacing also as artificial stone or synthetic marble/onyx?

The industry uses this for countertops with seamless decorative finishes. World-wide many households and companies have composite materials for solid surfacing in kitchen, bathroom, and laboratory countertops.

ATH provides exceptional whiteness

Our ATH product:

Solid surfacing filled with alumina hydrate machines easily, which is particularly beneficial when producing seamless surfacing. Moreover, loading levels of between 40 to 70% of ATH provide the best properties.

DekorFlake mica provides glimmer and shine

You can incorporate DekorFlake  into polyester or acrylic resins to make solid surfacing with a shimmering muted or bright sparkle or for natural stone effects. The additional levels will vary depending on the effect desired; both the stability and resistance of DekorFlake are beneficial for this application.

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