Stable wallboards with MicaFort

MicaFort, a high aspect ratio mineral filler, improves appearance and stability of drywall-, plaster- and fire resistant wallboards and joint cement.

Stable wallboards

The natural mineral product MicaFort, ground from Muscovite or Phlogopite Mica, is used in the production of wallboards and cladding to:

Reasons to use MicaFort for wallboards

The plate-like particles significantly reduce shrinkage when jointing cement is drying which is essential when joining mica filled wallboards together.

MicaFort also assists in:

Therefore it is extensively used in fibre cement wallboards. The joint compounds or cement used to join the plasterboard or wallboards also contain mica for the same reason as detailed above plus to give a uniform finish.

LKAB Minerals is available to help you select the best mineral match for your product.

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