How the way we design buildings is changing

Industry Insights May 10, 2024

The construction industry is an evolving space, with the latest changes being to Gateway Legislation. Currently it is on the cusp of major transformation. Recent and subsequent upcoming changes to regulations and practices are impacting the way we design, construct, and manage buildings. The three big changes in effect are Gateway Legislation, Golden Thread, and Design Liability. So what are they, why do you need to be aware of them, and how can you learn more?

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Navigating Gateway Legislation: Your Roadmap to Success

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Gateway Legislation

Gateway Legislation is a system used to ensure safety standards at junctures through the design, construction and occupancy phases of a construction project. Each of these junctures are called “gateways.” These junctures are overseen by a regulatory body overseeing project participants know as “Duty Holders.” These duty holders include architects, engineers, contractors, and the client. Each of these have a responsibility at each juncture to submit information demonstrating the projects compliance. This must be done before the project can progress to the next stage.

Golden Thread

Golden Thread covers similar ground to Gateway Legislation. This covers architectural drawings, engineering specifications and other design documents, as well as specifications for building materials, including their properties and performance characteristics. This requires project participants to detail plans for projects including the methods and schedules. This also requires additional documentation as the project commences, with deviations included.

How changes to gateway legislation, golden thread, and design liability affect you

Design Liability

With changes to gateway legislation and golden thread, there is also a greater emphasis on design liability. This is the legal responsibility of design professionals for defects or problems as a result of errors or omissions in designs.

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We will be hosting this webinar to discuss the changes to Gateway Legislation, Golden Thread, and Design Liability are, and how those will affect people in the construction industry, particularly those “Duty Holders,” architects, engineers, contractors, and the clients commissioning projects.