Road constructions and infrastructure projects

Our customers use industrial minerals to improve constructions, increase safety and reduce costs.

Minerals for Road construction and infrastructure projects

Our customers use LKAB Minerals products for many international infrastructural projects

We offer different industrial minerals for different situations.

Industrial mineralApplicationBenefit
MagnaDenseBridgesProviding more weight in designs restricted by volume
MagnaDenseTunnelsVibration and sound damping, overcome hydrostatic pressure
Calcined BauxiteRoad surfaceIncrease skid resistance of asphalt roads
Limestone fillerAsphaltImprove quality cost-effectively

High density concrete and loose bulk density for bridge and tunnel

In the construction of bridges and tunnels, LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense has been used to provide weight while respecting the available dimensions in the structure. We have global expertise in some well-known projects such as:

Each of these projects required either the mix of MagnaDense in high density concrete or the use of bulk MagnaDense for extra weight within a restricted design.

Our sales managers can tell you more about these different projects in personal conversation.

Economical and safe road surfaces

When looking at road constructions, both the safety as well as the cost aspect of road construction are essential topics. LKAB Minerals offers two different minerals that can both play a role on the top layer of a road; the asphalt itself or the anti-skid layer on top of the regular asphalt.

Our customers use Limestone Filler in asphalt mixtures for road surfaces to improve the quality cost-effectively. And they use our Calcined Bauxite for the high friction surface coating topping the standard asphalt layer.

Are you working on an infrastructure project that could benefit from one of our industrial minerals? Contact us today to understand the possibilities our products can offer your project.