LKAB Minerals offers several mineral products to support the soft, hard and critical infrastructures for many markets around the world.



Olivine is a naturally occurring mineral magnesium iron silicate sourced from Norway with a high melting point and density.


Tantalum is one of the most inert, unreactive metals known. It confers a high capacitance in a small volume.


It has the highest tensile strength and the lowest thermal expansion of all metals.



MagniF, produced from the natural iron oxide Magnetite, is the product range especially developed to be used as a functional filler in polymers and coatings.


Andricite® is a stable, finely ground synthetic anhydrous calcium sulphate used in a wide range of construction applications.


Magnetite is a very pure and milled material, that can be used in various industries.


MagnaChem is a product of very pure and natural fine magnetite used for the water treatment industry


Molybdenum’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures without significant thermal expansion or softening makes it useful in intense heat applications.


MagnaDense is a natural Magnetite used for loose ballast and high density concrete.


MicaFort, Muscovite and Phlogopite Micas are mineral fillers for a large variety of applications in the polymers and coatings industries.

Gypsol Binder

Gypsol Binder

Gypsol is a general-purpose, free-flowing, self-compacting anhydrite screed binder.

GGBS – Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) offers great durability, reducing the likelihood of concrete thermal cracking, and it improves concrete’s resistance to damage from alkali-silica reaction, sulphates and chlorides.

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